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Oil Museum of Canada

2423 Kelly Road, P.O. Box 16 - Oil Springs, ON Canada - N0N 1P0
Telephone: (519) 834-2840 - Fax: (519) 834-2840 - Email: oil.museum@county-lambton.on.ca


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Visitors from around the world tour the Oil Museum of Canada to learn the story of Canada’s Oil Pioneers – a unique and captivating era of history!


The Oil Museum of Canada, in the Village of Oil Springs, preserves the site of the first commercial oil well in North America. This oil heritage district also developed the Canada's first gusher and the world’s first oil exchange. While visiting the museum guests can explore a replica of the first oil well dug by James Miller Williams in 1858, or they can view original oil wells adjacent to the museum which continue to produce oil to this day, on one of the oldest oilfields in the world. Visitors will experience the eventful life and times of Canada’s oil pioneers and the birth of the oil industry in North America.


The museum and outdoor exhibit buildings contain a wealth of petroleum industry artifacts, working exhibits, kerosene lamps, fascinating stories, intriguing photographs and more! There are many odd and unique mementos of the ‘foreign drillers’ – snake skins, butterflies, brass urns, bead work – all brought home by pioneer oilmen who travelled the world in search of oil. Visitors can also see tools, dishes, photos, bird eggs, Peruvian water jugs, rocks, clocks and more. This unique history and the many fascinating stories are of interest to everyone! 


Oil Springs and Petrolia are located in the heart of Lambton County in the Oil Heritage District. Produced by the Oil Museum of Canada, the Black Gold website is a valuable research resource which describes the history of Lambton’s Oil Heritage District in detail.


Visit the Oil Museum on a class field trip! Our school programs are fun and educational. 






Hours of Operation

May 1 – October 31

Open Daily                               10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

November 1 – April 30
Open Monday – Friday            10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please note

If you are planning a museum visit between January 6 & April 25, please phone ahead to 519 834-2840 and confirm with a staff person that the museum will be open on that particular day.


Admission Price
Family $15.00
Adults $5.00
Seniors (65+) $4.00
Students (13+) $4.00
Children (5-12) $3.00
Children (4 and under) FREE
Members FREE


Museum Membership provides you with free regular admission to the Oil Museum of Canada, plus ongoing half-price admission to each of the other Heritage Sarnia-Lambton museums. You’ll also receive a quarterly newsletter, the "Sampler", with local history stories, museum news and heritage events.






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Did You Know...
  • Indoors: Theatre, Main Gallery, Oil Springs Gallery, Foreign Drillers Gallery.

  • Outdoors: Jerker Lines, Power House, Oil Tanker Wagon, Holding Tanks, Langbank Post Office, Canadian Pole Drilling Rig, Blacksmith Shop, First Commercial Oil Well in North America, Three Pole Derricks, Gum Beds, Procar Tank Car, 1895 Oil Springs Railway Station, Natural Gas Industrial Building, Picnic Area.

  • Nearby: Oil Patch Driving Tour, Ontario's last Receiving Station, Cribbed Holding Tank, modern Holding Tanks, modern Jerker Lines, historic Black Creek, The Shaw Gusher of 1862, Morningstar Holding Tank, the Fairbank Barn Mural, Elementary and Continuation School, 1904 Morningstar Oil Producers, Watson's Machine Shop and The Plank Road to Sarnia.

Horse Drawn Wagon rides through the oilfields are a family feature on Sunday afternoons in July and August; duration one hour. Cost included in regular museum admission.

Guided tours of the museum and driving tours of operating oil wells are also available.

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