Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Seduced by Clay at Gallery Lambton

Seduced by Clay at Gallery Lambton

Seduced by Clay features highlights from the Burlington Art Centre’s large contemporary clay collection.  The Canadian clay scene is characterized by its rich variety of forms, be they functional, decorative or sculptural.  The exhibition celebrates technical and interpretative skills of a high order, artistic eloquence, historical precedents and eye appeal.  A range of work from each region in Canada, as well as work in various sizes, colours, scale and function will be included in the exhibition.  As artists will tell you, clay is a seductive medium.  Viewers too, will be seduced by the rich glazes, subtle firings and unusual forms.


Distinguished award winning pieces will be showcased including the Governor General’s award for fine craft: John Chalke of Alberta and Robert Archambeau of Manitoba, amongst others.  Viewers will also experience a taste of experimental work, such as Laurie Rolland’s Circinate (British Columbia) and Enid Le Gros-Wise’s Wave Form (Quebec); as well as sculptural work by Joe Fafard Cow (Saskatchewan). 


As curators, Jonathan E. Smith and Gail Crawford stated:  “What Seduced by Clay represents is a window through which to glimpse ceramics of a high order, work which we hope viewers will enjoy and appreciate as much as we have had in assembling them.”


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