Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Cathleen Earle: Reflections

Cathleen Earle: Reflections

Cathleen Earle has painted with watercolours for over 25 years.  She uses a limited palette of just three colours, the primaries.  She was introduced to this limited palette by Chin Kok Tan, one of her instructors at the Ontario College of Art.  In her paintings she tries to keep her colours fresh, clear and intense.  “The more variety of lights and darks you have, the more depth you can achieve, and realism,” Earle said about her technique.  She uses this technique when she teaches her students at Lambton College, and when she teaches privately.  “My forte has been primarily painting floral, but I also love to paint sailboats, and landscapes,” Earle said. 


In this exhibition, Earle focuses on reflective surfaces.  She is drawn to the colours and shapes that are created in the reflections of objects, either in the water, through glass, or in silver.  “The shape takes on a distorted abstraction,” said Earle.  “I like to paint directly from life rather than photos, so in the wintertime I tend to paint primarily from still life or through my window.”


Earle graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts, The Ontario College of Arts, Toronto, Ontario; Art Fundamentals Diploma, Lambton College, Sarnia, Ontario and Communications Design Associates Degree, St. Clair Community College, Port Huron Michigan.  She has participated in Group Exhibitions at the John B. Aird Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario; the Annual Juried Exhibition, Art Gallery of Northumberland; Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition amongst others.  Earle has had solo exhibitions at the Inverlynn Art Gallery, Whitby, Ontario; Wagner Rosenbaum Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario; Acanthus Interior and Designs, Port Hope, Ontario; Cobourg Print Shop and Art Gallery, Coburg, Ontario; Art Gallery of Northumberland, Coburg, Ontario; The Kennieth Art Gallery, Sarnia, Ontario, amongst others.


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