Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Art, Community & Culture Lecture at Gallery Lambton

Art, Community & Culture Lecture at Gallery Lambton

Bryant grew up in New Zealand where she received a Bachelor of Architecture.  She owns a small art and design business in London, Ontario and is married, with one son.  She is an interesting person who enjoys people, is sensitive to her surroundings and thoughtful about life in general.        


A London, city councilor since 2003, Bryant understands the challenges and rewards of actively supporting responsible, sustainable economic development that protects both a natural and built heritage.  Her promise to voters in the last municipal election was to advocate for safe, healthy, livable communities for all her constituents, including the most vulnerable.  As a member of London’s Creative City Task Force, Judy has worked hard towards implementing a plan that supports a livable downtown surrounded by vibrant and sustainable communities.


Gallery Lambton welcomes the return of Judy Brant in this new role as guest lecturer on a topic to which her background and skills are so uniquely suited.  The audience on April 18 will be able to enjoy not only wonderful memories of her earlier art show, but also her current, lively lecture followed by a question and answer period plus our own annual juried exhibition of community artwork in LOOK ’07.   


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