Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Jordan Eveland: Tactile at Gallery Lambton

Jordan Eveland: Tactile at Gallery Lambton

Jordan Eveland always knew that art was calling.   Encouragement of her artistic potentials in the art department at Northern Collegiate eventually led her to explore a more technical background in advertising art.  Jordan then found her way back to art and continued her studies in fine art at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

Eveland's current work explores a handful of muted hues; a departure from her previous palette of vibrant colours.  Intrigued by the exploration of texture, she uses many types of media to create a look that invites viewers to touch; media which include sand and bees’ wax. Texture enhances her personal use of organic shapes. She finds that these shapes create a kind of simplicity in her work while portraying a celebration of the basic processes of life: change and growth. It is through her two-dimensional designs that she is inspired to be true to her own self-expression: working in the moment uninhibited by painting differently to the way she was taught.

Aside from painting, Eveland has found a new love for clay and has been experimenting with making clay jewellery. She hopes in the future to incorporate more of her printmaking skills into her clay work.


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